About Martin


Though he originally studied law and worked as a Real Estate Agent, Martin has been interested in photography since childhood. In 1989 he took a basic photography course and a black and white darkroom course in college and soon set up a darkroom at his house and began experimenting with traditional black and white printing and with alternative, and somewhat archaic, printing methods and materials: cyanotypes, salt prints, gum bichromate prints, all on hand-coated watercolour papers etc.

He experienced a renewed enthusiasm and appreciation for photography after taking promotional pictures of properties for a virtual gallery on the webpage of his Real Estate Agency and was surprised when he received numerous compliments about the professional look of his photographs and several suggestions that he should take up photography. Thus, a serious hobby began to transform into a new career.

By end of 1997, he enrolled for a full-time study in photography at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (formally known as the Port Elizabeth Technikon) in South Africa. After grad school he opened his first professional photography studio.

Today, Martin specialise mainly in studio portraiture and fine art photography. Martin has also worked on commercial assignments and commissions for clients in advertising, publishing, design, real estate, government, and corporate art. Martin’s photos have been widely published in magazines and corporate annuals, and are featured in printed product lines sold in the United States and Europe.

Photographer's Statement:

“I view my Fine Art Photography as a combination of subtractive and additive processes, to create a distortion of reality into my own personal vision. As such I often use the tools of modern photography: – Digital enhancement – to try to capture and/or create an image that is surreal and full of emotions.

Through my photography I seek to document my own personal experiences and views, to capture suitable scenes and then to combine up to ten different images into a single image as I see them in my imagination. Photographers such as Jerry Uelsmann have inspired me to explore the world of surrealism and to look at my work in a different perspective; I hope my own contributions and creations will inspire others to do the same?”


  • Ilford award for best portfolio  –1989/2000/2001
  • Agfa award for best portfolio   –1989/2000/2001
  • Victor Le Dorm Award  - 2001


  • PE Technikon – General Portfolio - 1989/2000/2001
  • PE Ocean World – “Masters of the Sea” collection (Commissioned work) - 2001
  • Walmer Park – “architecture” – 2001


  • PPSA Member since 2002
    (Membership # GTN. 057)
  • IFPO Member since 2003
    (Membership # 73906)
  • IFMO Authorized Model Consultant


  • Eastern Cape Tourism Board Calendar - 2000
  • Caribbean Travel Magazine – 2001/2002/2003/2006
  • Advocate - 2003
  • Spartus - 2004
  • Mannen - 2004