Male Models Wanted

I am searching for male models that is willing to pose in the nude for European and American publications (e.g. Calendars, Magazines, Post Cards, Books and Fine Art Prints).

I am looking for well toned male models older than 19 years, which are punctual, professional and most importantly dependable for repeat work as nude models in studio and on location. Local South Africa and UK models are preferred, but I do travel and shoot world wide on location. I do pay travel expenses, if I need to bring you to me.

What are the requirements?

  • You must be over 19 years old - (Having said all that, I don’t turn away many 19-year-old boys! While we’re on the subject of age, you don’t have to be young,19 is the minimum age required, 24-34 is ideal, but I won’t turn you away for being 40. If you look good, I'll shoot you.
  • You must be are in-shape with visible muscle definition, especially in the abdominal area. You don't need to be a bodybuilder..... "students" and "the boy-next-door look" is absolute perfect, one of my fundamental principals is diversity and I am looking for variety – real men, usually with more than a little attitude. So if you have tattoos, are bold, think you are the wrong colour or defiantly too old, think again, I want to hear from you!
  • You must be willing to work completely naked in front of the camera. No previous experience is necessary; you just need to be comfortable with your body, full frontal nudity.

If you meet the criteria above, and are looking to make good money, please contact me by completing the Male Model Application Form.


Will I be asked or expected to go beyond my limits?

Not at all! Before the shoot,  I will have a long chat with you and work out where you feel you wish to draw the line, during the shoot we will stick to what we agreed beforehand. The shoot will have been worked out with you in mind, I want to shoot you in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Moving the goalposts in mid-shoot would not work well for either of us.

Do you shoot porn?

Some photo shoots may be of a suggestive sexual nature, therefore could be classed as erotic, but is certainly not pornographic.

However, if you think you will be comfortable to explore the Adult Gay Pornographic Videos market, then I could introduce you to one of our Partner Studios.

Where do you do the shoots?

Anywhere! Everything from the models own houses, to my studios in both the UK and South Africa, right through to shoots in top flight hotels. My preference is in real locations. Because the locations vary hugely, I pay travel expenses or can arrange the shoots close to where you live, which ever is best for both of us.

Will I make a lot of money?

Yes, the money is very good, but your prime motivation should be to have a go at it because its something you want to do for the experience .

What if I regret having done the shoot?

You will be required to sign a model release before the shoot to allow us to distribute the pictures to publishers. Therefore, once the shoot is done there is no going back. Be very sure of your own mind before going ahead with the shoot. I won’t let you shoot until were certain you’ve thought it all through very carefully. If you’re not sure, or change your mind completely, I absolutely don’t mind as long as you give me clear notice before any travel or shoot arrangements have been done!

What does this cost me to start working?

Nothing, If I pick you....I pay you! Posing nude is easy; you’ll pick it up within the first 20 minutes of your first shoot. Therefore there are no agency fees, folios to buy or training to undertake, you start work right away.

What do I need to bring on the shoot?

First and most importantly, you must bring along TWO forms of ID, passport and drivers license is ideal. Without ID (to prove you are over 19) the shoot CANNOT take place. Often I provide outfits for you to wear, but I do ask you to bring along some items as well. Real things you wear like jeans, T-shirts and trainers are just as useful as sexy underwear, so bring both! Other than that, I will discuss with you when the shoot is booked, exactly what’s needed. You will never be asked to buy anything especially for the shoot. If you don’t have something I want, I’ll provide it.

Do I get some of the pictures?

You are more than welcome to have some of your original pictures. I will even help you set up a professional model portfolio, should you wish to continue with modelling. I will also keep your details on file for future photoshoots.

I really want to do a shoot but my boyfriend/girlfriend is against it or doesn’t even know.

Your private life is your business, however I would strongly advise you talk it through with your significant other before doing the shoot, secrets and lies are a bad idea, as is going against their wishes. Most react very positively if told before hand, and even those who don’t react well in the beginning, usually come round in the end. 

I’m sold, what do I do now?

Just get in touch, by completing the Male Model Application Form and submitting it to me. Any information you give me will be kept strictly confidential.