Due to strong demand for private instruction, we now offer private one-on-one photography tuition on a regular basis.

A. Photography workshop

Course Outline
Nude and Glamour Photography Workshop
The Studio Nude Genre

How the world views the distinctions between Nude, Fine Art, Boudoir, Erotic

Everything you need to know when working with models, including
How and where to find models
Casting Calls and Model Searches
Professional conduct in working with models
How to pose your models – flattering their assets and hiding their flaws
Wardrobe choices – styling, background keying, covering up

Hair & Makeup
Model Fees
Scope of Shoots
Managing Model Expectations
Model Releases – legal requirements, Proof of Age etc.
Equipment choices
Choosing the ideal equipment to get the most out of your shoot, including

Film, Digital, Medium Format
Lens selection – Aperture + Shutter Speed
Law of Reciprocity
Depth of Field,
Previewing takes – Polaroid’s, LCD Monitors – tethered and wireless
Studio lighting setup and control.

How to create flattering light for the nude and glamour model, including
Flash / Strobe
Modeling lights
Metering light – incident vs. reflected
Continuous – HMI, Tungsten, Daylight Fluorescent
Key Light
Fill Light and ratio
Hair Light and ratio
Rim Light and ratio
Background Light, effects
Soft-boxes, Umbrellas and light modifiers
Reflectors and Flags

All the other important stuff you need to know, but were too afraid to ask
Permits – beaches, parks, public places
Property Releases
Title 18 Requirements

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B. Photography equipment classes

The private photography classes we offer include:

Understanding your camera and its functions - far easier than reading a manual
lens selection based on subject and content
how to properly use your flash

really understanding your histograms (digital cameras)
correct selection of aperture and shutter speed depending on your intent
controlling contrast and saturation in ambient light conditions
how to properly use fill in flash and how to avoid over-flashed subjects with dark backgrounds

what makes a pleasing photograph
developing an eye for composition
how to hold your viewers attention
what you are shooting and why you need to frame it that way

We also offer tuition for the photographer that is comfortable with his/her equipment, and wants to improve his/her photography skills. We deal with the creative aspect of photography and will take you through my personal approach to photography, and how to create winning images.

Developing your eye
how to view the everyday scene in a new and creative way
how to see things that everyone else misses
understanding how to get your subject to stand out

Equipment Selection
Plan the shoot and shoot the plan - making sure you get what you came for
In depth understanding of focal length, depth of field and selection based on subject and content
using both front and rear curtain with your flash to control your lighting and subject movement
shooting outside the box - breaking all the rules
light manipulation and control - seeing the image through filters in your head

Advanced Composition
what makes a pleasing photograph
multiple exposures - capturing elements of a composite to piece together

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C. Nude and glamour photography lessons

This course is mainly designed for selected students from the workshops that wish to gain more advanced and personalised training. Lessons will a minimum of two hours of personal one-on-one instruction.

You will be advised on all your camera settings while your model is being prepared and we will discuss the best approach in determining the appropriate wardrobe.

You will also be given an in depth introduction to our studio lighting, how to use the remote control of flash levels, channel selections, and how to exercise remote control over fill and key light ratios, as well as rim lights, hair lights and the use of flags, modifiers and reflectors.

Then we start shooting with the model. We analyse her/his strengths and weaknesses and determine how best to accentuate these strengths, and how to minimise the weaknesses with the best poses. We will show you how to use inexpensive props to create variety and interest. All aspects of nude and glamour photography are dealt with, including using flash, tungsten and ambient light in a studio environment.

The course is fun and relaxing and you are guaranteed to end up with some amazing shots for your portfolio.

You get all your High-Resolution images on CD for making your own prints, comp cards and enlargements etc.

We are also able to supply additional services such as make up artists and hairstylists. These services are available at advanced notice and at competitive rates.


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